This is Rippon

Rippon is a distinct parcel of land overlooking the Southern Alps on the western shores of Lake Wānaka. 
The vineyard is farmed biodynamically and the land has been cared for by our family for four generations. 
Our wines are a true reflection of this piece of land.


Schist soils, a continental climate, and the proximity to Lake Wānaka; these are all elements that contribute to the unique environment at Rippon.
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Rippon has been farmed by the Mills family for 4 generations, dating back to 1912. We have been winegrowers since 1982 and our principal commitment is to our soils and connecting our people to our place.
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Our wine is a product of our land and our people. With minimal intervention and wild fermentation, the wines are a true reflection of where they come from.


Join us on the farm to learn more about who we are and what we do here at Rippon.  All wine tastings are by appointment and free of charge. For groups of over 6 people please get in touch.

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The Rippon Hall looks out over Rippon’s vines, Lake Wānaka, Ruby Island, and the Southern Alps beyond. With access right down to the lake itself, The Rippon Hall venue offers the very best of Central Otago: vineyards, lake and mountains.
Events at Rippon
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