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Overlooking our stunning vineyard, Lake Wānaka, Ruby Island, the Southern Alps and beyond, The Rippon Hall is the perfect venue for weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Thirty years of planning and dreaming gave rise to The Rippon Hall, a building quite literally born of the land upon which it stands. The walls are made from compacted earth dug from the Rippon hillside, the trusses and beams are built of timber from our larch forest and our boiler warms the building with wood taken from the farm.


Rippon is more than just a name; it is a piece of land farmed by four generations of the same family over more than one hundred years. With this guardianship comes an inherent love and respect for the land, shown across all areas of our work, from the biodynamic principles that guide all aspects of our farming to the pride that we take in welcoming people onto the land and to The Rippon Hall.

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Whatever the time of year, Wānaka delivers fun and adventure in spades. In spring you ski in the morning and waterski in the afternoon, in summer you go for an early hike or rock climb before a skydive in the afternoon, returning to the bars and restaurants in town to keep the rush alive.

Scaling a 700m waterfall via the world’s highest via ferrata, hiking up to glaciers, biking along the river path or down the winding tracks of Sticky Forest, jetboating up and through alpine valleys or simply strolling into town for a top notch coffee; this is just a taster of what Wānaka offers and there is so much more.

While work may bring you here, the lures of the town will keep you on and you will see why we so proudly call Wānaka home.

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